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We Are Lucky to Have the Help from a Collection Agency

Because my town is in a very rural area with nothing but other rural towns surrounding ours, we did not have a hospital until five years ago. With an influx of people moving here because of some of the businesses that decided to open a location here, we were finding that we needed one. We ended up needing to have our own collections department, but when that wasn’t enough, we looked to doing business with Professional Recovery Consultants to deal with what we couldn’t handle on our own.

Our facility is not very big. We do have a small emergency clinic, a maternity ward, a heart clinic and a department that deals solely with people who have different types of cancer. Whatever we cannot handle on our own we send those clients to a very large hospital that is about two hours away from us. We will grow over time, of course, and we are happy with what we have so far.

We had hoped that because we are providing a much-needed service that we would not have much trouble with getting patients to pay on time, but I can not say that I am all that surprised that there are plenty of people who have no intention of paying their bills they get from us. The employees who work in our collection department make calls and send out reminder notices all day long during the hours that they operate. At some point, we realized that we needed to do more than that.

During a board meeting, we discussed working with another company that gives you the opportunity to sell off your older debts to them at a reduced price. It ensures that we still get some of the money owed to us by patients, and then they turn around and try to collect from bad customers themselves. After getting the go ahead to do it, we find that it is working out pretty well.

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