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The Struggle of Financial Normalcy

Debt has beccome an unfortunate fact of life for many Americans. I’m there myself. It’s difficult to admit that you’re behind on bills that you shouldn’t be behind on. I feel intense guilt for not being a capable enough individual to pay back the credit that I had racked up when I was younger. People are not perfect. The average individual knows little about their finances. I only recall a single finances class while I was in high school which is a time it should have been instilled. Now, I’m contacting professional recovery consultants every week in what feels like a vain attempt to untangle the mess that my finances have become.

In the end, I have nobody but myself to blame. I should have possessed, or worked harder to possess, the discipline and self-control to monitor my budgeting. It’s because of this that I lost control of my finances which has set my back several years of saving for retirement. It’s foolish that I am now 31 years old without a single cent put away for my retirement. I already know that my years as a senior citizen are going to be fraught with difficulties. The struggle will be far more acute.

I don’t know what I’ll do. I am certain that I do have to try much, much harder. I am going to have to work constantly. Both at my place of employment and here at home, pouring over my budget while I attempt to fix what I’ve done wrong. It’s a mountain but it’s not as if I’m incapable of it – I hope not, at least. Staying positive has admittedly become more difficult as of late. The reality of the situation is quite overwhelming and I can only take one step at a time to prepare myself for the worst.

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