Organic tea (bio tee) producers do not use fertilizers

The tea in the regions of Asia is cultivated in a totally organic way so as to guarantee the quality of the final merchandise in any of the varieties, it is really an indispensable dependence on marketing beneath the ChaDô brand black tea (schwarztee) a company that tries to establish the very best relationships with farmers to make sure that the use of pesticides and plant foods are completely out of the game within cultivation and harvesting.

Japan and the ChaDô brand firmly think that agrochemicals are not essential to cultivate the actual land and that food should be clean of such inventions that nothing to help health and well-being. For years the farming industry makes believe that the crops that are fumigated develop pests and illnesses in crops that affect the caliber of the product, when it comes to tea have shown what has quality is not to do with these types of additives.
Producers trust that the plants and also the soil will do their career to produce a product of excellent top quality using their very own resources, believed and behaving thus produces the organic tea (bio tee) a tea leaf that when harvested in different phases can also make the black tea (schwarztee) or the green tea (grüntee)

s will be the product of your deep understanding of the nature as well as the tea tree and if we are going to evaluate the productivity the producers connected with ChaDô have an equivalent or even higher production towards the producers designed to use pesticides as well as fertilizers, the particular organic agriculture involves a greater energy that is reflected in the top quality and not forever in the price, the particular marketing organization has contracts and receives the guidance of international organizations that guarantee that the cost of their products is customized to the high quality they are supplying and the cost they paid to the suppliers, ChaDô is a business that produces well-being not just to its clients but also for the associates and also employees

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