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Doing Riskier Investing Without Risking Any of Your Retirement Savings

I waited too long to invest money traditionally to support the retirement that I would like to enjoy with my wife. Earlier jobs just did not produce the income we needed to really put money away. There were always braces, car repairs, new roofs and hot water heaters that ate up the money that should have been invested. Then I got serious about learning investing, especially riskier investing. Eventually I looked for a really good Pair Trading software Pair Trade Finder system, but let me tell you how I got to that point.

Traditional yields on traditional low risk investing would not generate the money we needed to retire when and how we wanted. Working harder produced a higher income, but we still could not put enough money away to be stable for our fast-approaching retirement years. I then saw the returns possible through riskier investments, but there was no way I was going to risk what we already had put away. Pairs trading, Forex and other types of investments were riskier, but they had a much higher return. Here is how I got started.

Every year I had money I used for hobbies such as golfing, fishing or just buying something stupid that would never get used. Most people end up doing this kind of spending on at least some scale. Well, even a couple hundred in that income that would otherwise be wasted on junk stuff could be put toward riskier investments to see how they paid off. To make it less like a gamble, I took the time to really learn the market I was going to do pairs trading in. I read as much as I could for weeks about the companies in the sector I was going to attempt pairs trading in before taking the leap and investing money that was literally change saved in a jar for several months. I was successful at it, and I am still reinvesting profits from that first jar of change building up a nice chunk of money to add to our retirement goals. All of it without risking a dime of our savings.

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