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A Well Designed Family Business

There is nothing better that I enjoy doing than designing new projects for my home. I have been in love with interior decorating since I was kid; my mom used to take me along with her to see the houses that she would be selling and she would often decorate them to improve her chances of making a sale. I learned a lot from her, about how to dress a home properly to give it an appearance of having more space like using the proper plantation shutters style on some bay windows which make the windows seem larger than they are, utilizing french doors in hallways, making sure that the home has a lot of windows and so on.
I’ve been using her methods on my home for a long time now, improving upon them here and there while I scour for the best deals that I can find on the market.

I have started my own business, although I haven’t been very active in expanding it just yet! I offer decorating tips and services to real estate agents like my mom, both of us often working together to help sell the houses that she has on the market. My father has even joined us in his own way, buying small homes for single families, allowing us to decorate them before mom sells them! It’s a fun family trade that we’re developing, with each of us managing each piece on our own end, giving our multiple businesses a simplicity that allows them to remain profitable. I think we might expand as a whole in the next coming year as long as we continue seeing even a marginal profit and my parents have been nice enough to give me a percentage of their own sales that they make off each residence.

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